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Do you know exactly what you want?




Earlier this year we were talking about Airbnb'ing our apartment, not for the first time. It's a re-occurring discussion in our house, we love the idea - but where to start?

Maybe we need help, we thought. If we could get someone to manage the process, take care of organising it all, wouldn't that be great?!
We started looking at an Airbnb management agency, but we were unsure. Unsure of what they could offer, unsure if it was a good fit, unsure even of what exactly it was we needed.

I kept the tab open for days, if not weeks, revisiting the idea without really knowing whether to reach out or not.

In the end, the fact that I could simply fill in an online form - a form with concise questions, a form that didn’t take me too long to complete, a form that didn’t require me to go and do additional research or find complex answers - made the decision easier. It was just a 3-minute job. And then the ball would be in their court.
This is what I thought. I felt like I had actioned something that had been hanging around for a long time, I was being proactive, and it felt good.

A few days later, the agency reached out, sending lots of info, checklists, forms, and prices. All pre-prepared, clear, well organised. And still, we weren’t sure if it even made sense for us to DO it. To Airbnb at all. Never mind using their service. We thought - we’d really just like to ask them some questions. To figure out if it’s worthwhile, if it’s the right timing, time frame, and budget.

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You - our potential client, will have the very same questions and hesitations!
Do you know exactly what you want? Chances are, more often than not, you are not really quite sure.

Maybe you don’t know IF you should have a new website or just brush up on your current one. Maybe you know something isn’t working, feels a little stale, or missing a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, but you can’t quite pinpoint what it is you need? Or you are not even sure if you need or want anything changing at all, but would love to have a chat with a professional to put your mind at ease?

We are not going to try to sell you a website, just because it’s lucrative, or tell you we’ll need to redesign your logo because it’s fun to do (it is!) even though you are actually pretty happy with your current one. Or if your budget only stretches to one project and your brand has more important concerns while your logo works just fine if we just finetune the colours.

Whatever it is - designing, branding and communication are not formulaic, and what works for you and your customers, may not work for the next person. So, instead of sending you lots of forms to fill in, let's just have a chat.

Say hello at [email protected], we are looking forward to hearing your story.

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