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Rebecca Meyer


10 ways how a Brand and Design Agency can boost your business



If you run a business or are looking after a brand, chances are that you’ve asked yourself: "Should I be hiring a design and communications agency to help?" at one point or another. 
It's a big step – both financially – and, perhaps more importantly, in trusting someone else with your brand image and your brand’s tone of voice. Finding that "right time" or convincing your finance department (or yourself) to allocate the necessary budget can be a challenge.  
So why - and when - should you work with a design studio? A creative agency will have a unique way of looking at your business, and work with you to redefine, build or update your brand and all its customer touchpoints. They will dive deep by asking you lots of questions to visualise your personality, brand characteristics, highlight brand stories, and connect with your audience. 
Here are 10 ways a design agency can add great value, and really transform your business:
01. Streamline your communication 

A creative agency will first assess the status quo - analysing your existing brand presence, your brand statement (if you already have one), social media, internal communication or any printed material you have. They will look at how you currently communicate, and identify any inconsistencies or areas of improvement. 

02. Fine-tune your graphics 

Graphic designers are experts at what they do. They have a wealth of skills and technical knowledge - from colour theory to print resolution, information hierarchy to typography rules - and will ensure that all your visual assets are technically sound and future-proof. Will your logo resolution work at a very large or small size? Do you have a version of your logo that is optimised for web or social media? Does your brand font have all the characters needed for when your brand expands to a country with different accents, or even alphabet?

03. Turn your brand guide into a PLAYBOOK

Has someone told you to only ever use that one brand colour for everything you do? Or to never ever use a different font than your brand font? Do you feel restricted with what you can, and can't do, and think it's all not that much fun? At Chukster, we’re strong believers that a brand identity should act as a foundation, allowing for evolution and adaptation without losing brand recognition. This keeps your brand identity fresh and engaging.

04. Bring new ideas to the table

Working with a creative agency is a great way to add new ideas and ways of thinking to your company. They not only work across a lot of different industries, they are also up to date with design trends and developments in technology, so they are in a great place to suggest different ways of communicating or adding a little spark to your brand. 

05. Asking insightful questions 

By asking the right – and sometimes unexpected – questions, a design agency can sharpen your focus and offer a fresh perspective (new eyes) on your business strategy, marketing efforts, visual identity, and communication strategies. You are the expert in your universe, their skill is to get that expertise out on the table and make your brand and/or its products tangible and appealing for your audience.

06. Build a robust design system

A brand is much more than a logo and a font. A visual identity should encompass a suite of design elements that are adaptable and can grow with your brand so that you don't come to an impass as your communication channels, or requirements, evolve. 

07. Add creative leadership to the team

Working with a design agency will embed brand experts into your team who will be by your side on your journey and will be eager to support you with your creative projects as you grow and change.

08. One-Stop Creative Shop

By partnering with a design agency you are not only effectively extending your own team but also adding a variety of skills to it. The designers will be able to work with you on a huge range of tasks - from creating content, drawing unique and powerful illustrations, graphic design, and copywriting - while making sure it is all coherent and relevant.

09) They have the time for you

It's easy to miss out on details when you have so many balls in the air. Running your own business and looking after every aspect of your brand can feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. A creative agency will alleviate this burden by taking the reins of your branding, design, and communication. Project managing every aspect of the process and ensuring that you are in the loop and that deadlines are kept. This way you can focus your attention on other business matters or projects with peace of mind.

10. Create brand excitement

Whether your brand is well-established, or a start-up, bringing a creative agency on board is a fantastic way to generate excitement and energy around it. It's a chance to break away from your desk and look at your brand with fresh eyes. They will offer you a new perspective and valuable input. You get to spend time asking (and answering) intriguing questions - and it can be that perfect push to explore new ideas, open new doors, and connect with your audience, thereby creating great brand engagement!