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Dahyeon Seo


South Korea to Copenhagen - Part 2



Hi there! This is Dahyeon from South Korea.

As I near the end of my remarkable 6-month internship - two months online and four months on-site in Copenhagen - I can’t help but reflect on how far I’ve come. This experience marked my debut as a designer in the business world, and I’ll admit, I was quite green at the start. I was so nervous and confused at the different culture and mood, and with my uncertainty about my design and how it would appeal to others. I also felt homesick.

Those first 2-3 weeks in Copenhagen were a mix of confusion and joy as I navigated unfamiliar territory. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, my passion for design and the chance to experience Europe again kept me going.

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Slowly, I found my rhythm. I met new friends, went to parks and ate some bread with a nice view. I visited famous tourist places, took refreshing swims and learnt to rest with a Danish hygge mood. I also learnt to relish the Copenhagen vibe, which eventually led to a deeper appreciation not just for the city but also for my daily work routine.

Working here was a joy! Witnessing my designs come to life, from ideation to receiving feedback and making modifications, filled me with pride. After these ‘Thick skin’ steps, the design is complete. Watching others embrace and use the stickers I designed was immensely rewarding. I yearn for more eyes to appreciate and engage with my designs.

I enjoyed exchanging each countries culture, share our ideas and also go to exhibitions and do some activities together. Through these communications, I was able to build stronger rapport with my colleagues, fostering a deep attachment to everyone at Chukster Studio. This ultimately led me to concentrate more and work even more diligently on my tasks.

My days overflowed with positivity. Baking apple pie, with apples picked from Studio’s garden, having small talk with colleagues during lunch time, meeting new people, having a road trip with my roomie. Every experience here was so worthwhile, even the trivial things. Initially, as a novice, I struggled with homesickness and adjustment, but now, I’ve developed a genuine love for this city, making it hard to bid it farewell.

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I truly feel that I’ve grown personally and professionally, and I’ve learnt a lot during my internship at Chukster. I solved lots of problems by myself and felt really brave for this experience. This opportunity in which my dream came true was really precious and unforgettable. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the internship, but I’m so honoured to be part of this team.

My 6-month journey in Copenhagen couldn’t have been this stunning without Chukster, all my beloved colleagues and friends I met here.



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